For over 30 years, Ernie's was run by Ernie and his wife Linda. She was the personality, the smile that gave Ernie's a special feeling. She gave her heart to this little business, to the staff and to the customers. She was a rare blessing.

We lost Linda in 2014. In November of that year was the first running of the LK5K, inspired by Stacy Hobbs. The run/walk was originally assembled to raise money for Stacy in 2013. Linda and Stacy became friends, both fighting breast cancer. When Linda passed, the race was renamed to honor her, and continue her legacy of love and caring for others. Plans are underway for the 7th running of the race in 2020, continuing to raise money for the Adams Cancer Patient Help Fund.

Click here to visit the LK5K website, learn more about a great event and cause. You can register to run or walk, look into being a sponsor, or maybe volunteer to help make our next event the best ever.